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July 20, 2014
The information provided in this column is intended solely for informational purposes only, and does not constitute
advice to anyone in particular, regarding any matter whatsoever.  
The celestial week of July 20, 2014 begins with the Sun rising in Cancer illuminating an opportunity to "bridge the gap between
situations or people that are inherently foreign", which acts as a catalyst to trigger emotional self and/or financial values and
resources. (1) Jupiter has just announced it's presence in the golden aura of Leo, with a year long opportunity to utilize the "law of
attraction in action" through the ability to master one's feelings, instead of allowing feelings to rule one's life.  With the mention of
feelings, the Moon's position at 15 degrees of Taurus is suggestive of "braving storming emotional weather through an inner poise
that is more important than outer appearances". (2) As Taurus is governed by Venus the planet of relating, and is in Cancer
governed by the Moon, there is a chance to reflect upon the values or emotions being triggered, and either be ruled by them or to
utilize them as emotional power, know as 'security'.

On July 21, the Moon breezes into Gemini with an emotional message to release subconscious feelings, which are incompatible
with opportunities of success.  Mercury the planetary messenger, is in Cancer and assisting the process through filtering
information through memories of the emotional past, related to family and childhood experiences.  If memories surface with
negative feelings, posing the question, "what is the highest intention to feel this right now", can act as a means to get to the root
cause of the issue; resulting in emotional freedom!  However, the Moon's interaction with Neptune in Pisces may present
challenges in the process, if there is an unconscious need to be a victim of past circumstances, instead of a victor.  The caveat is,
with the Moon traveling through the subconscious territory of Scorpio, there is the ability to consciously chose the path of least
resistance, or the yellow brick road of enlightenment!

The Sun makes its grand entrance into Leo on July 22, shining its light on subconscious choices and feelings, regarding personal
identity, ego and the ability to use the law of attraction, with the Midas touch of wisdom, strength and power, or manipulation and
control.  Using the power of the Sun's movement into Leo, offers a brief chance to determine the purpose of one's life and whether
it is being actualized, or subconsciously hidden in the emotional experiences of the past.  Therefore, there is a big window of
opportunity to release the past, until the Sun and Jupiter merge on July 24!

Prior to the momentous union of the Sun and Jupiter in Leo, the Moon sails into the emotional waters of sensitive Cancer, seeking
emotional security through the familiar comforts of home, family and food.  As the Moon joins Mercury and Venus in Cancer, there
is a grand opportunity to heal childhood issues through forgiving oneself and others.  Challenges to forgive others may occur, if
one is unable or unwilling to accept personal responsibility to parent oneself, and let the emotional past go.

On July 25, the last eight months of passive aggressive relating and indecisiveness comes to a halt, as Mars enters the
subconscious realms of Scorpio, with an opportunity to transform issues of repressed anger to assertive power through the
expression of congruent boundaries.  Scorpio energy is ruled by Mars on a daily basis, so choices and decisions are
characterized during the next few weeks, as either yes or no, stay or go . . . as there is no middle ground in Scorpio!

Last, but not least, the Moon joins the Sun and Jupiter in Leo on July 26, with an emotional reflection of what needs to be released
from the ego that is preventing or inhibiting the creative expression of one's purpose in life, prior to the new moon occurring in Leo
later in the day.

(1) Hill, Lynda and Richard.  "The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle"  Pg. 57
(2) Hill, Lynda and Richard.  "The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle"  Pg. 34

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