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March 22, 2017
Awareness through Astrology
                                                               By Veronica G. Hartman            
The celestial week of March 22, 2017, begins with the Sun rising in headstrong Aries, illuminating an
opportunity to move forward to plant the seeds of desire for the coming year, while imprinting one’s brand on
traditions and personal culture.  The caveat is that Mars the planetary ruler of Aries is slowing moving through
Taurus, heeding caution lights regarding impulsive actions and behaviors; which may prove costly once Venus
moves forward on April 15.  

Meanwhile, the Moon is climbing emotional mountains of authoritative power in Capricorn, as it prepares to
square off with rebellious Uranus in impulsive Aries!  Tempers may flare, and sparks may fly, if issues of
fairness are not addressed in a struggle for power.  The key is to take responsible actions, which are respectful
of both sides,before retreating to individual corners for damage control!

The Moon then goes void of course until the end of the day, when it streaks into lightening quick Aquarius!  
The shift may feel like an emotional thunderstorm is brewing, as feelings are abruptly communicated.  Once the
dust settles, feelings may becoming emotionally detached, as if the outburst was barely noticed.  While that
may be the circumstances before going to sleep, tomorrow may be a difference experience, as icy emotions are
challenged by stubborn attitudes and actions!  The key to moving through the potential emotional road blocks
is to respect the emotional and physical boundaries of others, while maintaining personal boundaries and
choices, with firmness and unconditional love.

The emotional climate settles down significantly on March 25, when the Moon slips into the oceanic waters of
Pisces, offering an emotional respite from the past couple of days.  The weekend could be a soothing balm of
rest and relaxation, as the Moon joins Neptune in Pisces, and interacts favorably with Mars in Taurus.  
Meditation, spending quality time in nature, and nourishing food, will help in restoring peace and harmony in
the soul.

On March 27, the Moon races into Aries, as it prepares for the union with the Sun later in the day.  An
excellent method of preparation is letting go of the emotional past, in anticipation of  planting the new solar
year desires with creative intentions!  

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