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August 21, 2017
Awareness through Astrology
                                               By Veronica G. Hartman            
past of the last nineteen years, with unconditional love, along with an attitude of gratitude for the blessings received, and the lessons

Meanwhile, the Moon is also traveling through proud Leo, stirring up unconscious memories, reviving the arduous emotional journey
of the past nineteen years.  The caveat is that focusing on the the past, may rob yourself of the opportunity to create a new reality at
the occurrence of the Solar Eclipse later in the afternoon.    In fact, as the Moon gets closer to the union with the Sun, it is a
significant time to make a decision to be the master of emotional feelings, instead of becoming a victim to them.  

Keep in  mind that as the Solar Eclipse is emotionally anticipated, that the Moon is passing over the Sun, as it passes between the
Earth and the Sun.  Symbolically, the feeling nature of the Moon is blocking the light and purpose of the Sun, while simultaneously
casting shadows on the ability to be grounded in that purpose.  Therefore, the key to gaining the momentum of this celestial event, is
to reset the emotional nature to the innocence of a new born infant, while being conscious of the sacredness of the Spirit within, as the
Power to create an unlimited reality of love, abundance, goodness, and joy for oneself and humanity.

As the Solar Eclipse is void of course until 3:25 PM CDT, there is a spiritual window to imprint the Universe with a specific intention
that will unfold during the next nineteen years, with no emotional attachment, as to how the outcome unfolds.  As this solar eclipse has
been dubbed, the Great American Solar Eclipse, and can be viewed from coast to coast, perhaps it is time to also focus on the words
of “America the Beautiful”, and remember that regardless of religion, race or gender, as Americans we are all in this together!  So as
the eclipse occurs, allow your heart and mind to unite with all Americans in peace and harmony, as we unite as a Brotherhood of

As the eclipse ends, the Moon enters methodical and earthy Virgo, offering an opportunity to ground emotions and feelings in
conscious and positive thoughts for oneself and others.   Mercury is also in Virgo and is retrograde, so aligning feelings and thoughts
to move forward with a plan of action is paramount to achieving the intentions, sent out during this powerful window of energy!  
Challenges may occur during the next couple of days regarding beliefs, thoughts, feelings and unconscious emotions, which could
sabotage the intentions of the new moon cycle.  The key is to be conscious when they occur, and weed them out with a higher
vibration of love, joy, and hope!

The Sun joins the Moon and Mercury in Virgo on August 22, illuminating subconscious emotions, thoughts, and patterns of behaviors
that either support the manifestation of hopes, wishes, dreams and goals, or sabotages them.  As you become conscious of
subconscious processes, you have the ability to change them, through making new choices and decisions!

On August 23, the Moon dances into Libra with an emotional agenda to bring harmony and balance to significant relationships,
through a creative demonstration of love and caring!  As Venus, the CEO of Libra is in Cancer, there is a simpatico dynamic between
the Moon and Venus to support one another, so showing that you care is the most important action to take now in all relationships.

Saturn goes direct in Sagittarius on August 25, opening the door to build a supportive foundation for career goals and advancement, in
the home environment.  The key is to believe that you are destined for career success and financial opportunities, and watch the
Universe line up behind you to support the manifestation of that belief!
Just before midnight,

Venus makes a dramatic entrance into Leo, communicating either love or arrogance during the next three weeks!  While the Goddess
of Love can attract whatever she desires with a demonstration of unconditional love, she can also lose whatever she desires with an
arrogant attitude or demanding expectations.
Disclaimer:  The astrological information in this column, does not constitute advice to anyone in any context, what so ever.  
Copyright 1989 -2017 by Veronica G. Hartman and Awareness through Astrology  (All rights Reserved)
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