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April 20, 2015
Awareness through Astrology
                     By Veronica G. Hartman            
The celestial week of April 20, 2015 began with the Sun slowing moving into earthy Taurus, illuminating an opportunity to
revitalize one's purposeful identity, with flowing energy from your spiritual source.  The Sun joins Mercury, Mars and the Moon
in Taurus, offering a calm respite from the recent fast paced energy, of several planets in Aries.  Now that there are four
planets in Taurus, it is a significant time to spend some quality time doing what you love, with those you love.  It is also a
window to remember what you have to be thankful for, with an attitude of gratitude, which is fertilizer for the dreams seeded
at the Spring Equinox.  

Meanwhile, the Moon is void of course until the evening, when it breezes into airy Gemini, with a chance to contemplate
emotional thoughts regarding intimate relationships and shared resources.  Usually the Moon in Gemini has a tendency to
chat lightly about emotions, as there is a tendency to think rather than feel emotions.  However, Mercury in Taurus processed
thoughts silently, taking a great deal of time to make decisions.  Therefore, it is wise to give others emotional space, and
extra time to process feelings before making decisions about emotional concerns.  An opposition between the Moon and
Saturn, while squaring Neptune suggests possible emotional confrontations with authorities, if you feel pushed to hard to
move faster that what is comfortable; resulting in a desire to escape as a means of resistance.

On the evening of April 22, the Moon enters Cancer with a great deal of emotional sensitivity, which may make vulnerable
feelings difficult to suppress.  On a positive note, the relationship between the Sun and Moon is favorable for being able to
take care of oneself, instead of wanting others to do so.  The caveat is that Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius, which tests
the belief of being capable of self-reliance.  Yet, you won't know, if you don't make the effort, and the reward of emotional
freedom is certainly worth the risk!

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