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July 25, 2016
Awareness through Astrology
                                       By Veronica G. Hartman            
The celestial week of July 25, 2016 begins with the Sun rising in majestic Leo, shining a light of awareness that the inner self
is the essence of your persona, instead of the mask worn through appearance. Thus, the message of our true value of worth
is mirrored, through the quality of how we relate to all aspects of life. True to its nature, the Moon has already raced to the top
of sky in fiery Aries, highlighting an opportunity to assert emotional boundaries, through a direct expression of feelings,
which transform emotional insecurities. Hence, the roar of the Lion’s courage aligns with the energy of the headstrong Ram!
So, there may be a tendency to rush in where angels fears to tread, without consideration of the consequences!

However, authorities in the work environment may challenge actions taken, if they are perceived as being selfish and one-
sided. Therefore, the solution lies in sharing heart-felt values with courage and determination, which opens up creative
opportunities that is beneficial for all.

The emotional landscape shifts significantly on July 26, as the Moon calmly moots into earthy Taurus, soothing ruffled
feelings of the past few days, with a gentle reminder to demonstrate caring consideration for the feelings of others.
Remembering to offer a kind word, gentle touch, or home cooked meal, will open doors of relating, that may have recently
slammed shut.

On July 27, a grand opportunity becomes available to align emotional values and conscious thoughts of quality, which
communicates the ability to powerfully assert responsible actions as a personal CEO of life! However, challenges may also
arise from others, if the ego leads the actions, instead of the heart.

The Moon breezes into chatty Gemini on July 28, with an emotional desire to relate to others through communication, which
leads to creative insights and ideas concerning career goals. However, challenges may occur on July 29, as creativity is
distracted by unconscious emotions and limiting beliefs, which leads to a lack of focused attention. Mid-day, unpredictable
Uranus in Aries, also begins its annual retrograde cycle; indicating a reconsideration of impulsive actions generated by
personal desires. The ability to navigate conflicting ideas and actions, becomes easier through a perspective perception,
and a personal attitude adjustment.

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