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April 24, 2017
Awareness through Astrology
                                                            By Veronica G. Hartman            
The celestial week of April 24, 2017 begins with the Sun rising in earthy Taurus, illuminating an opportunity to
let go of relationships and things, that no longer work, through a realization of real inner worth, that turns a
single vision into many streams of manifestation.

Meanwhile, the Moon is racing through impulsive Aries, with a desire to express creativity through
communication.  Mars, the ruler of Aries is traveling through Gemini, and in a mutually beneficial relationship
with Mercury in Aries, utilizes the emotional energy to review ideas and writing projects with a fresh
perception.  The caveat is that if the idea or project is not emotionally motivated to complete, move on.

On April 25, the Moon calmly pushes into Taurus to complete routine tasks with emotional fortitude, while
letting go of unconscious values and relationships that have served their purpose, with forgiveness, compassion
and love.  In doing so, new seeds of desire come forth regarding a greater quality of life, to be planted at the
new moon in Taurus on April 26.  

On April 27, the Moon glides into airy Gemini, with a message to relate to others through emotional
communication.  However, Mercury the planetary ruler of Gemini is moving backwards through impetus Aries
with a mandate to say less and listen more, instead of talking just to have something to say.  The wisdom of
this mandate will be amplified on April 28, when Venus rushes into Aries with a desire to say plenty through
impulsive actions, that may backfire on May 4, when Mercury goes direct.

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