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January 25, 2015
The information provided in this column is intended solely for informational purposes only, and does not constitute
advice to anyone in particular, regarding any matter whatsoever.  
The celestial week of January 25, 2015 began with the Sun rising in Aquarius, shining a light on unpredictable changes that
are on the horizon in regards to personal identity, resources and spiritual values, through an intuitive insight that all is not
what it seems.  Meanwhile, the Moon is racing through Aries and is aligned with Uranus, triggering strong emotions and an
immediate desire, to break free of the status quo of relationships.  The Moon's quick trip through Aries also suggests that
actions triggered by emotional self-values, have the potential to dissolve and reshape those values through forgiveness,
instead of projecting unresolved issues on to others.

On January 26, the Moon quietly enters the calm and peaceful territory of Taurus, with an opportunity to evaluate personal
values regarding friends and group interactions, in relationship to the manifestation of hopes, wishes and dreams.  At this
time, it is important to distinguish whether the quality or quantity of friendships are more supportive of the realization of
goals, or drain the necessary energy and resources to fulfill them.  The next step is to take the appropriate actions to support
the decisions.  

Venus, the planetary consort of relating and relationships floats into ocean of emotion Pisces, with a deep felt desire to
merge with a soul mate.  However, the key to connecting with a "soul mate" is also somewhat dependent on the ability to
clean up past relationships through forgiveness, or letting go and letting God.  Otherwise, unresolved relationships or
"unfinished business" may surface as interference in the path of love flowing smoothly.

The Moon heads into talkative Gemini on January 28 with an emotional message regarding relationships, which is "I need
some personal space to gain some clarity about what I want, and where this is going, so please give it a rest!"  Even though
talking about what is desired is a way to determine the actual desires, the lines of communication are presently down, so
conversation may add more confusion instead of clarity.  In fact, Mercury the planet of communication is currently mentally
checking out with a "whatever" attitude, to deal with the emotional stress of relationship expectations!

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