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May 30, 2016
Awareness through Astrology
                                             By Veronica G. Hartman            
The celestial week of May 30, 2016 begins with the Sun rising in Gemini, illuminating a message, to become conscious of
what is happening on a personal level, as a crossroads of choices is at hand. The crossroads is between personal desires,
home and family, relationships with others and career goals. The caveat is that an element of the crossroads requires a
series of taking actions without knowing the outcome, otherwise considered a leap of faith. However, Mars the planet of
actions is currently retrograde and reconsidering actions, instead of taking them until June 28, 2016. Which means, that
opportunities may be actually lost by inaction. Another consideration is that a great deal of flexibility is required during this
time, to make the best choices from the available options.
The good news is that, there is a grand opportunity to create and experience a desired reality, regarding home and family by
transforming the past with positive communication, and the willingness to take responsibility for the quality of life desired.

Meanwhile, the Moon is sailing upon the emotional waters of Pisces, providing an opportunity to release the emotional past,
that chains one to the present and future states of victimization; through forgiveness of self and others.

Later in the evening, the Moon speeds into Aries with an immediate desire to clear the emotional air, regarding issues of
trust, and suspicious behaviors that seem to be going on behind the scenes. The Moon’s entry into Aries also denotes a
potential volatile dynamic, so there is either an choice to walk away from confrontations, or take actions that clearly defines
boundaries, communicating what will and will not be tolerated.

The emotional climate settles down on June 1, as the Moon enters slow and steady Taurus, with an opportunity to
communicate desires regarding romance, children and creativity. As Venus rules Taurus, and is traveling through Gemini,
ideas stir the pot of valuable possibilities.

On June 3, the Moon joins Venus and the Sun in breezy Gemini, with emotional messages to consider the quality of
available choices, regarding romantic love affairs, children and creative interests, before making decisions that will plant the
seeds of new beginnings at the new moon on June 4, 2016.

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