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October 24, 2016
Awareness through Astrology
                                                          By Veronica G. Hartman            
The celestial week of October 24, 2016 begins with the Sun rising in Scorpio, shining a light on a powerful opportunity to rise
above the emotional past, through the powerful action of forgiveness. While Scorpio energy has a reputation for holding onto
transgressions of betrayal with a passionate grudge, silently vowing revenge; ultimately, it only stings itself in the process.
Thus, forgiveness is an action of power that emotionally frees one to move forward in life, without the pain of it. In the words of
Mark Twain, “forgiveness is the scent that the violet bestows upon the heel that crushed it.”

The caveat is that the Moon is traveling through proud and regal Leo, which often seems to have a difficult time acknowledging
that it has hurt or offended another. Therefore, the measure of the emotional heart lies in whether one is able to extend
themselves to others with a heart felt apology, or ignore the obvious with an arrogant and egotistic attitude.

Later in the afternoon, Mercury the planetary messenger slips into the deep emotional waters of Scorpio, with a message
concerning the power of the subconscious mind to transform the nature of personal reality through the power of passionate
communication. As Mercury is currently balsamic to the Sun in Scorpio, letting go of the unconscious habit of taking the
opinions or projections of others about oneself personally will be invaluable on October 27, when a new cycle of ideas and
communication begins regarding career goals.

Just before the day ends, the Moon begins it monthly trip through Virgo, with a critical analysis of personal self-worth, values
and resources. Fortunately, Mercury the ruler of Virgo is in powerful Scorpio, with the ability to utilize information revealed as a
means to transform the shadow within. However, challenges may occur in relationships, if the attempt is made to blame others
instead of taking responsible actions to own one’s shadow energy, ultimately losing an opportunity of self purification and

The emotional landscape shifts significantly on October 27, as the Moon waltzes into socially and politically correct Libra, with
an opportunity to expand personal philosophies, beliefs and values through friendships and networking with like minded
others. While challenges may occur in relationships over a difference in opinions, the true test of maturity is revealed in the
ability or inability to disagree without anger or irrational behaviors.

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