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January 16, 2017
Awareness through Astrology
                                                         By Veronica G. Hartman            
The celestial week of January 16, 2017, begins with the Sun rising in Capricorn illuminating an ascent in Consciousness, as
one feels a need to strive further, and learn more on the path of understanding about becoming a CEO of personal reality.   
Saturn, the CEO of Capricorn is traveling through Sagittarius, building a foundation of beliefs to manifest the reality of hopes,
wishes and dreams during the next thirty years.  Whereas, Jupiter the planetary ruler of Sagittarius is working with Saturn to
expand the foundation through relating values to beliefs.

Meanwhile, the Moon is treading through conscious Virgo, reflecting the emotional terrain of the subconscious, as it analyzes
unconscious messages received through dreams and meditation regarding self values and resources.

In the pre dawn hours of January 17, the Moon glides into charming Libra with an opportunity to relate to others, through
spirituality, meditation, hypnosis and/or artistic endeavors.  Initially, the Moon has a challenging encounter with Mercury in
authoritative Capricorn, as an emotional vacillation may occur regarding decisions and commitments.   While talking it over
with other may seem like a solution, it may also become overwhelming confusion.  Therefore, consciously communicating with
the unconscious may provide the desired clarity.

On January 19, the Sun flies into unpredictable Aquarius, setting the stage for relationship dynamics during the next thirty
days.  The key to moving through the dynamics, is to become conscious of taking others actions or behaviors personal, give
self and others a lot of freedom and unconditional love, and remain detached from relationship outcomes.
Shortly after, the Moon sinks below the horizon into passionate Scorpio, and is prepared to take responsible actions,
regarding trust issues with family and significant relationships.  After the initial storm blows through, peace and calmness
prevails until January 21, when tempers flare up abruptly!

On January 22, the Moon jumps into Sagittarius with unbounded enthusiasm to launch hopes, wishes and dreams into a
career.  Initial challenges regarding the potential of viability of success,  may feel like others are raining on your parade, so
sharing your vision with cheerleaders instead of nay sayers is the key to receiving intuitive insights regarding the value of your

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