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October 21, 2014
The information provided in this column is intended solely for informational purposes only, and does not constitute
advice to anyone in particular, regarding any matter whatsoever.  
The celestial week of October 21, 2014 begins with the Sun rising in Libra, illuminating an opportunity to interpret and covey
ideas and beliefs, through the process of relating, as knowledge becomes wisdom when utilized through experiences.  The
Moon has also just entered the diplomatic sign of Libra, joining Venus and Mercury with an emotional desire to feel peaceful,
with the awareness that spiritual help is available in a time of need, or when one thinks or feels that something is being taken
away through an unfair advantage.  For one, you can't lose what doesn't belong to you, and people are not possessions,
even though there is a tendency to think of them as such, when they become the significant other in a relationship.  

With four personal planets in Libra, there is a great deal of emphasis on relationships, while the caveat is that individual
thoughts, beliefs, values, emotions and personal identity originates within self, and is mirrored through the experience of
relationships.  Uranus in Aries is retrograde and backing away from the idea of "we" if "we" takes away the personal
freedom of "me", so while the Libra cooperative is focused on "together forever", Uranus in Aries is thinking, "nothing doing"
at least for the time being, and Pluto in Capricorn is urging both to be practical when thinking of long term commitments, as
the responsibility of them endures for at least thirty years!

Think of it as similar as buying a house, most loans are for thirty years and when you first buy it, it is new and exciting as it
becomes a comfortable home.  Then over time, it becomes very familiar and not quite as exciting, so its time to remodel or
decorate, then there is the daily maintenance as well as the financial expense of taxes and insurance.  Before too long, it can
become a burden, if there is not a deep commitment and purpose for the home itself, such as starting a family or a safe
haven that nurtures one another through the storms of life.  Commitments such as buying a house, starting a business,
having a child or deciding to spend one's life with another should not be taken lightly, which is the realm of Saturn who is
currently touring Scorpio and allows no gray area as to whether it might be a good idea or something to think about.  It is
yes, or no, stay or go.  So, if you are not in it for the long haul, then it is best to get moving!  With a balsamic lunar phase in
place, it is an appropriate time to let go of what is not working, in preparation for the potent new moon in Scorpio which is
also a solar eclipse!

Prior to the eclipse occurring on October 23, Venus and then the Moon slip into the dark emotional waters of Scorpio with a
powerful agenda to transform intimate relationships during the next thirty days, through the revelation of secrets as the
shadow side of oneself is revealed, and the purging of deep repressed emotions from the past, that may be subconsciously
sabotaging relationships.  As the eclipse occurs, the Sun, Moon and Venus merge in Scorpio in the territory of relationships
(Libra) with an opportunity to be the Observer of oneself through the process of relating.

However, do not be mislead, Scorpio energy is ruled by Mars on a daily basis, and Pluto on a transcendental level, so the
next six months will not be a tip toe through the tulips or a walk in the park, more like the phoenix rising from the ashes of
relationships that have run their course; transforming each person from the inside out!   Mars will stir things up through
actions, depending on the sign it is traveling through, while Pluto will support the process from a deep place within, supplying
strength, determination and power that you did know existed, until called upon.

Last, but not least, Mercury begins moving forward on October 25, offering an opportunity to move forward in relationships
with no regrets.  The Moon also enters Sagittarius, offering an opportunity to release the emotional tension of the past few
days with an optimistic attitude for what the future holds!

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