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September 26, 2016
Awareness through Astrology
                                                             By Veronica G. Hartman            
The celestial week of September 26, 2016, begins with the Sun and Jupiter rising in Libra, illuminating a big opportunity to
experience creative and receptive potentials, by partnering with others of like minded attitudes and interests. Meanwhile the
Moon is prancing through charismatic Leo, reflecting the power of emotions to manifest a creative reality, related to hopes,
wishes and dreams.

The current relationship between the Sun and Moon is indicative of taking responsible actions to manifest the harvest of the
seeds planted at the recent Virgo new moon/solar eclipse. As Mars, the planet of action is traveling through Sagittarius, it is
important that the actions taken are aligned with the beliefs necessary to experience the harvest. The key is to align
emotions, beliefs, thoughts, actions and intentions with an open and generous heart of giving, with no expectations or
attachment to how the outcome is achieved.

On September 27, a major planetary shift occurs as Mars begins to climb the mountain of Capricorn, with a creative desire
to be a successful and professional artist in regards to career achievements. To gain the most momentum of the next
several weeks, requires stepping into the CEO persona, and taking authoritative actions with integrity that will impact the
manifestation of career goals during the next two years!

Later in the afternoon, the Moon treads into hard working Virgo with a mental emotional mindset, to utilize feelings through
communication, which attracts relationships of a working nature. It’s first planetary interaction is a favorable one with Mars in
Capricorn, leading to actions that are a catalyst to transforming values, which offers an expansive opportunity to increase
financial resources during the coming year.

On September 30, the lunar landscape shifts subtly, as the Moon dances into relationship oriented Libra, with an agenda to
transform the emotional values of Venus in Scorpio, through responsible actions that builds a foundation of beliefs, which
leads to potential expansive opportunities.

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