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April 1, 2015
Awareness through Astrology
                        By Veronica G. Hartman            
The celestial week of April 1, 2015 begins with the Sun rising in Aries, shining a light on the awareness that an attunement to
cosmic rhythms, has the capacity to liberate Spirit from matter, through flowing energy which has the emergence of
enormous potentiality!  Meanwhile, the Moon is going about daily routines in methodical Virgo, with a plan to clear out
mental, emotional and physical clutter!  Mercury, the planetary ruler of Virgo has just raced into Aries, with an action oriented
attitude to do it now, before creeping doubts begins the process of analyzing the emotional past through self critical reviews
and regrets.  Just let it go through forgiveness, compassion, mercy and gratitude, that it is the past!

On April 3, the Moon dances into relationship oriented Libra, with an opportunity to embrace the value of familiar and
comfortable relationships, instead of being tempted by the illusion of greener pastures.  Venus, the planetary ruler of Libra
and Taurus, is slowing moving through Taurus, with an appreciation for the simple things in life of lasting quality.   

That will be a blessing in disguise on April 4, when a lunar eclipse occurs as the Sun in Aries opposes the Moon in Libra.  A
lunar eclipse is an emotionally charged full moon phase, which illuminates the cooperation that is required to bring harmony
and balance into existing circumstances.  This particular eclipse is particularly significant for relationships with oneself and
others.  The Sun in Aries is seeking to fulfill the personal dreams seeded at the recent solar eclipse, whereas the Moon in
Libra is the emotional support received through others, which is the nourishment for their flourishing growth, or so it
appears.  The caveat is that everyone is seeking to fulfill their personal dreams, and often forget that the "others" required to
support them, are also seeking to do the same.  The key is to remember that each person has their own personal desires,
which does not take priority over the desires of others.  Aries is the initiator, the go-getter, the "just do it" energy, while Libra
is quite content to let Aries do that . . .  for both of them!  During the next six months, neither of those desires or agendas will
work!  The balance lies in each person, initiating and supporting themselves, during the process of manifesting hopes,
wishes and dreams!  Therefore, during the next six months, it is crucial to visualize the desired dream, infuse it with spiritual
passion and pursue it relentlessly, with no emotional attachment to how the outcome is fulfilled. It is also equally important to
support the vision and yourself, with positive emotional feelings, motivated actions of value and congruent thoughts!  Create
the best, and toss the rest!

On April 5, the annual Easter sunrise begins with the Moon finishing up a tour in Libra, reminding humanity of the value and
power of relating to the Oneness of all Life, as well as one another in peace and love.  The void of course Moon in Libra sets
the tone to celebrate the day, with an emotional attitude of gratitude for the quality of life, we are privileged to co-create and

Later in the afternoon, the Moon slips into secretive and emotionally intense Scorpio, with an opportunity to communicate
deep emotions, which could be a catalyst for actions that transform self values and behaviors.

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