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August 25, 2014
The information provided in this column is intended solely for informational purposes only, and does not constitute
advice to anyone in particular, regarding any matter whatsoever.  
The cosmic week of August 25, 2014 begins with the Sun rising in Virgo illuminating a message of protection, guidance
and direction, that the true path to be followed will be found through a connection with one's sense of inner guidance.  
Mercury, the planet of communication and connections is also in Virgo, echoing the message to trust the process and
connect to a deeper wisdom by focusing on a message of inner guidance.  Meanwhile, the Moon has also recently
entered Virgo with an emotional message to become conscious about idealizing people or situations while missing the
reality of the truth, in preparation for the new moon cycle occurring at 9:21AM CDT.

The power of the new moon in Virgo is an opportunity to awaken to the awareness that reality is being created with
personal thoughts and the spoken word, regardless of whether one is conscious or unconscious of the energetic
dynamic taking place.  Mercury, the ruler of the cycle  is positioned behind the scenes, and in a yod configuration with a
Mars/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio and Uranus retrograde in Aries.   The planetary alignment has an air of destiny,
armed with appropriate boundaries, discipline and information to take a course of action propelled by the power of God
within, through the integration of what "I AM" means on a basis of individuality.  During this cycle of new beginnings,
mindfulness of thoughts, words, actions and values build the foundation of consciously and purposefully manifesting
dreams into reality!

On August 27, the emotional landscape shifts to the power of relating, as the Moon enters diplomatic Libra with some
subconscious emotional agendas, as old patterns of relating surfaces for resolution.  While it may be tempting to dodge
the issues, by seeking emotional and physical solace through others, it will be more advantageous to determine the root
cause of the issues and release them.  Symbolically, emotional issues rooted in negative emotions and limiting
decisions or beliefs, are similar to weeds choking out a garden of harvest.  Left by themselves, they will compete for the
energy that nourishes an undesired reality, as well as a desired one.

The emotional climate shifts subtly on August 30, as the moon enters transformational Scorpio, with the power to purge
the pain of the emotional past.  While it may be a trip down memory lane regarding childhood experiences, it will be
worth going through a potential drama-trauma to learn what is needed and release the deep emotions that may emerge
during the process.  As a result, emotional power can now be utilized to create a desired reality with conscious
awareness and intention!

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                                                By Veronica G. Hartman            
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