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November 7, 2014
The information provided in this column is intended solely for informational purposes only, and does not constitute
advice to anyone in particular, regarding any matter whatsoever.  
The celestial week of November 8, 2014 begins with the Sun rising in Scorpio, shining its light on the blessing of
individuality! Mars and Pluto, the planetary ruler of Scorpio are aligned in Capricorn now, with an opportunity to transform the
present, by releasing the past and others through forgiveness.  Saturn and Venus are also in Scorpio transforming self
values that builds the foundation of financial success and power over the next thirty years!
Just yesterday, the Sun reached the fifteenth degree of Scorpio, announcing the arrival of the disseminating solar phase.  
The solar cycle began at the Spring Equinox, when the seeds of personal desires were planted.  The disseminating phase is
a forty-five window of working magic through Consciousness, regardless of whether it is conscious, subconscious or
unconscious.  The power of this solar phase is immensely powerful, to take actions of authority, communicating the essence
of being a responsible CEO of life.

Meanwhile, the Moon is skipping through Gemini, with an emotional message to get to the depths of relationship issues
through perseverance, resulting in the pursuit of material or spiritual wealth!  The key is to own the personal contribution
being made to relationships, good, bad or indifferent; instead of projecting it on to partners.  There is also an opportunity to
clearly communicate relationship values and desires in a light hearted manner.  The caveat is to recognize when to stop
talking and start listening!

Later in the early evening, Mercury re-enters Scorpio with a message to observe life through deep feelings, gut instincts and
what is not being said.  Mercury is also positioned at the degree of the recent new moon/solar eclipse in Scorpio, so pay
attention to communicative actions that will be a catalyst for events over the next six months.

The lunar landscape shifts subtly on November 10, as the moon drifts into the emotional pond of Cancer, with an opportunity
to nurture oneself through experiencing feelings of joy, happiness and love during the next couple of days.  As the Sun rises,
Mercury comes out of the shadow, ending the Mercury retrograde cycle with harmonious dynamics occurring with the Sun,
Venus, Moon and Saturn with a message to move forward with powerful actions related to home and family, with the
information received regarding relationships since September 14, 2014.

On November 12, the Moon blazes into charismatic Leo with a flair for drama which unfolds in daily routines associated with
the work environment.  While there may be a tendency to push the emotional envelope, doing so will likely present
challenges through communication, relating and attitudes with authorities.  The alternate is to charm and disarm through
genuine caring, instead of egotistic attitudes.

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                                          By Veronica G. Hartman            
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