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December 12, 2014
The information provided in this column is intended solely for informational purposes only, and does not constitute
advice to anyone in particular, regarding any matter whatsoever.  
The celestial week of December 12, 2014 begins with the Sun rising in Sagittarius, illuminating an opportunity to make a
huge shift in consciousness, through having the courage to transform subconscious beliefs regarding one's personal identity;
by gaining mastery over one's powerful energies to create personal reality.  Jupiter the planetary ruler of Sagittarius has
recently retrograded in the constellation of Leo, with an opportunity to reevaluate the purpose of one's life, expectations and
judgments of self and others, which is actually a perception of self projected onto others.  There is also a major opportunity to
find the 'gold' within, through creatively engaging the inner child who holds the magical ability to express that creativity from
the heart, without the censorship of the ego.

Meanwhile, the Moon is finishing up a tour of Leo, starting the emotional day off, with a void of course status (meaning no
emotional attachments to outcomes) until 9:19 am when it makes a grand exit, as it shifts into practical Virgo with an attitude
of "let's do this".  Even though it is Friday, with the anticipation of the weekend on the horizon, there is still work to be done!  
With the Moon shining its light on the territory of subconscious emotions, negations and self depreciating criticism, it is time
to weed the garden of the mind with positive intentions, a decisive intentional action of change and healthy emotions, so that
the harvest of life is not choked out through unawareness.  In essence, the Moon in Virgo is currently providing an opportunity
to clear out the self inflicted emotional clutter and clean up the thoughts that are creating your personal reality.

After a weekend of emotional housekeeping, the Moon arrives in diplomatic Libra late December 14, with a short emotional
reprieve before the Uranus/Pluto square occurring after midnight on December 15.  It will be the much needed emotional
balm, before the challenging nature of this square happens.  The dynamics of this square (the sixth in a series of seven) is
that individuals are facing challenges of personal power and the responsibility that goes with it.  Uranus is retrograde in
Aries, and is pushing one to look within and awaken to the reality that "personal reality" is self created, and to take
responsibility for current experiences in life; good, bad or indifferent.  It is a time, when we all want what we want when we
want it, and will do what has to be done in order to have it, regardless of others.  Whereas, Pluto in Capricorn is holding the
power of authority, to have what is desired through taking responsibility for creating it! Through the process of awakening to
the power of self created reality, relationships with significant others are mirroring back internal emotions, perceptions and
self-values.  It is not a dance of "me vs we", but an awakening of oneself to the awareness of "I AM" a Spiritual Being of Light
with the power to transform or destroy myself through the power within!

On December 17, the Moon soars into intense Scorpio on the wings of personal freedom, as a decisive action comes from
a message of rational logic and commitment, to understand the nature of the unconscious aspect of personal
Consciousness, as the power behind the throne.  While there may be a brief period of rebellious resistance, as the ragged
seams of relationships appear to threaten the freedom of personal desires; for the most part a tremendous amount of
healing can take place through the sharing of feelings in a "no holds barred" or baring of the Soul communication.

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