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April 14, 2014
The information provided in this column is intended solely for informational purposes only, and does not constitute
advice to anyone in particular, regarding any matter whatsoever.  
The celestial week of April 15, 2014 begins under the lunar eclipse that occurred at 2:42AM with the Sun at 26 degrees of
Aries opposing the Moon at 26 degrees of Libra.  The Sun's position illuminated the potentiality of abundance through an
attitude of gratitude, while the Moon presented an opportunity to emotionally experience cooperation of mind, will, Spirit and
heart!  The cosmic blessing of this eclipse is that it is effect for the next six months, so if you missed the moment of the eclipse,
you did not miss the opportunity it carries!  While a full moon can often seem emotionally chaotic, this one was void of course,
suggesting a spiritual window to look within at the storehouse of talent and skills to cope with life experiences.  Yet it is also an
opportunity to release emotional attachments to outcomes regarding personal desires and relationships.  Venus, the ruler of
Libra is in gentle Pisces with an offering to heal relationship issues through forgiveness, and manifest dreams into reality
through the power of visualization, and embracing the concept of being One with the Universe!

The Moon slipped into the deep subconscious emotional waters of Scorpio just before lunch, opening a window of time to
transform hidden emotional issues of the past related to fear, mistrust, and manipulation through having the courage to
release them, as they no longer serve a purpose in life.  Positive dynamics between Venus, Jupiter and Neptune offer a
peaceful interlude from the ongoing crossroads of challenges characterized by overwhelming emotions, transformation as a
CEO of life through taking personal responsibility for choices, lack of motivation to take appropriate actions and a desire to
break free from it all for a new exciting adventure!

The caveat is that breaking away from a perceived dysfunctional experience in any context, is only a brief respite from the true
issues of the perception.  Instead, perhaps the key is to take some time away from the stressful challenges for a brief period of
personal "me" time, and have the adventure in your mind, free from the demands of family, career and relationships, until the
adventure becomes a reality in life!

On April 17, the Moon jumps into cowboy Sagittarius, fired up for the upcoming holiday weekend with renewed optimism, after
all tomorrow is Friday, and preparations for the celebration are on the horizon!  To get in the spirit, invite everyone involved to
participate in the tasks that accomplish the shopping, decorating and cooking, so everyone feels like it wouldn't be the same if
they weren't contributing their personal touch!  

On April 19, the Moon enters somber Capricorn with an opportunity to emotionally contemplate the true values of life, family,
freedom and all of the things that contribute to experiencing a greater quality of life.  Shortly after, the Sun enters Taurus
reinforcing the significance of slowing down the pace during the next thirty days to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.  The
emotional mood of the holiday may become tense as the Moon aligns with the planetary crossroads of Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury,
Uranus and Mars, indicating that a difference of beliefs, customs, traditions and personal desires and perception may set the
stage for separation instead of togetherness.  A great way to move through potential conflicts is to refuse to take anything
personal or engage with anyone who does, while taking the best and tossing the rest!

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                                   By Veronica G. Hartman            
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