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May 18, 2015
Awareness through Astrology
                 By Veronica G. Hartman            
The celestial week of May 18, 2015 begins on the heels of a new moon cycle occurring in Taurus, with a suggestion to do
what you think you can do, instead of what others believe you are capable of.  The planetary ruler of this cycle is Venus who
is currently residing in emotional Cancer, reflecting an emotional awareness of the promise to all, that God may take birth
within the Soul, if the Soul feels worthy of it.

Meanwhile, the Moon has just swept into breezy Gemini, with a desire to communicate emotions quickly, without thinking!  
There may also be a tendency to take action on emotional thoughts without consideration of the consequences.  The caveat
is that Mercury, the planetary ruler of Gemini is going retrograde later in the evening, and spoken words, emotional feelings
and actions taken in haste may be regretted in leisure.  

In fact, this particular Mercury retrograde may play out in the arena of significant relationships, as much as it impacts travel,
long term contracts and major purchases.  The key is to review the messages received since May 4, 2015 for direction in
making important decisions.  Internal confrontations may occur between feelings and beliefs over the next few days, as
vulnerable feelings may lead to reviewing core beliefs regarding relationships.  The key to moving through this period with
clarity, is to consider both sides of the coin before making choices or decisions, as unconscious emotions may cloud the

On May 20, the Moon sinks into its home sign of Cancer, suggesting that feelings may be simmering in the background
regarding relationships.  The information needed to process feelings, may come from dreams or feminine energy.  Initially,
there is an opportunity to nurture oneself and/or others through forgiveness, which will determine the outcome of relationship
challenges on May 21, once Uranus and Pluto become involved!  Choices related to personal power and freedom or temper
tantrums as a means to control and manipulate others may be on the horizon!

On the early morning of May, the Sun blows into Gemini with an opportunity to make new connections regarding self values
and financial resources.  Taking a personal inventory of one's value in relationship to financial resources, may provide
invaluable insights and information about the actions needed to shift one's consciousness towards a greater quality of life

Last but not least, on the late afternoon of May 22, the Moon dashes into Leo with fanfare and excitement in anticipation of
Memorial Day weekend.  However, emotional fireworks may steal the thunder of the celebration before it occurs!  Four
planets in Gemini may fan the flames of four planets in fire through casual conversation and good humored joking that
unknowingly steps on sensitive feelings, which starts an unexpected fire storm!

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