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November 26, 2015
Awareness through Astrology
                                            By Veronica G. Hartman            
The celestial week of November 26, 2015 begins with the Sun rising in Sagittarius, illuminating an opportunity to make
genuine progress, with patience, gratitude, and the give and take of teamwork.  

As the harvest of Thanksgiving is celebrated with friends and family, at tables of food prepared by generations of recipes, it
is also a time to contemplate personal philosophies and beliefs, which expands Consciousness, opening doorways to
greater experiences of abundance and prosperity in life.  Meanwhile the Moon is flitting through Gemini, with an emotional
message to rise above conditions and limitations inherited by childhood experiences; by standing up for one's self, giving
voice to the inner child.

Minutes prior to sunrise, a monumental planetary energy shift occurred, as Saturn in Sagittarius exactly squared Neptune in
Pisces, with an opportunity to take responsible actions to experience heaven on earth, with an awareness that precipitates
new responses to life, coming from the depths of the mind and soul; regarding the intentions and beliefs that is the
foundation of life's journey.

The inherent challenge of this dynamic planetary energy, lies in awakening to the call for action, dissolving the illusion of
being a physical being having a spiritual experience, to that of being a Spiritual Being having a human experience.
On November 27, the Moon is void of course in Gemini until 1:26PM CST, so gifts purchased before this time (particularly
electronics) may not have the intended result, or may be defect in some way.  Later in the afternoon, the emotional energy
shifts significantly, as the Moon travels into sensitive and caring Cancer, with messages regarding feelings.  The caveat is
that unconscious emotions may be a catalyst, to express feelings through extravagant gifts, as a means to communicate
feelings; rather than sharing them through conscious communication.

As the Moon interacts with Mars, Venus, Pluto and Uranus in a challenging manner during the next couple of days, the
concept to consider is whether the emotional satisfaction received through the gift giving process, is derived from honoring
another with love, or unconsciously seeking self-satisfaction.  

The lunar landscape shifts dramatically on November 29, as the Moon prances into charismatic Leo, with a flair for grand
entrances and attention seeking behaviors!  As a result, personal expectations of others may run high, as Leo energy often
proclaims, "look at me"!  However, it would be wise to lower expectations (or release them altogether) of others, while
raising the bar for self.

On December 2, the Moon moves methodically into Virgo, with conscious awareness to utilize emotional energy in a
practical way, to manifest ambitious plans.  On another note, it is also an opportune time to become consciously aware of
unconscious emotions, which either hinder those plans, ambitions and intentions, or supports them.  As the holiday season
claims more attention, it would be easy to overlook a significant opportunity to align conscious thoughts, unconscious
emotions and beliefs, yet it will be a missed opportunity to expand Consciousness, and experience a greater reality of

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