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October 2, 2015
Awareness through Astrology
                                                 By Veronica G. Hartman            
In the dawn of October 2, 2015, the Sun rises in Libra shining its Light on intuitive vision that embraces the truth of age old
wisdom, through the aspects of spiritual, mental and physical perceptions.  Venus the ruler of Libra is in Leo symbolizing,
"the Light of Spirit returning to infuse one with its energy." (1)  At first glance, the idea is simplistic, yet the underlying
message resonates to a cosmic symphony, orchestrated by the planets traveling through the constellations.

Pluto, is the furthest planet out is currently residing in ambitious and responsible Capricorn, and leading the planetary band
with a mandate to rise to the level of personal CEO, or go through the transformation process kicking and screaming!
Neptune in Pisces aids and abets the process, with the opportunity to stop being a victim of anything, through the awareness
that victimization is a choice made by following the path of least resistance.  Whereas, Uranus in Aries is all about breaking
free of anything that restricts personal freedom, regardless of the cost.  Saturn, ruling Capricorn, but in expansive Sagittarius
has embarked on a two year journey to examine personal beliefs that is imperative to building and expanding the foundation
of Consciousness, that unfolds over the next thirty years.  Next in the planetary band, is Jupiter in Virgo, offering a major
opportunity to become consciously aware that individual thoughts, words and language imprints Universal Consciousness,
which creates personal reality based on the quality of communication, without judgment or reservation.  Current statistics on
the number of thoughts per day average between 50,000 - 70,000, which begs the question . . . what are the quality of your
thoughts?  Are they productive, happy, angry, sad, negative, positive or somewhere in between?  The key is that, as is most
things, the majority rules!  Mars stands next to Jupiter in Virgo, adding to the opportunities or challenges by actions,
precipitated by the quality of those thoughts.  Now the Sun in all of its glory, brings all of the elements together in harmony
and peace, through the process of relating to what is important in regards to one's life purpose.    Venus in Leo, supports the
Sun's position of values, resources and relating as a mean to accomplish hopes, wishes and dreams.  Mercury, also in Libra
is reviewing and reevaluating the values of relationships, partnerships and resources, while the Moon is in easy breezy
Gemini, with a message to make a strategy and stick to the point!   Easier, said than done, with Mercury retrograde,
however . . .  nothing ventured, nothing gained!  

On a last note, what is the cosmic song being played out by the planetary energy currently?  Step right up, and take the lead
in your life to transform it to what you intend it to be, based on the quality of your thoughts, values, and beliefs!  
(1) Hill, Lynda and Richard.  The Sabian Symbol as an Oracle.  P. 82

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